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Red and Blue Glass Painting, Together with Animal Fabrics

This is being written quite late at night. I haven’t been doing as much blog stuff as I had hoped to do. It’s one of those things that are so easy to put off doing, and then before you know it you’re way behind on it.

My original plan during this past week was to try my hand at some very detailed glass painting on some large glass plates; however I have run out of those at the moment. The small plates are good to decorate but the small area doesn’t leave enough room for detail.

Red and blue triangle candle plate

Red, blue and yellow candle plate

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New Fabrics and Fabric Design Ideas

Just a few fabric related items to show you today.

I’ve wanted some stripy fabric for a while, so when I saw these two I got them straight away.

Striped fabrics

I’m planning on pairing the blue stripes with a plain fabric to make a bag for myself. The days of carrying around plastic carrier bags in my coat pocket may be coming to an end. Click here to read more...
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