New Tax Year Meets New Crafts

Green fabric patchwork tote bag

In my previous blog post, I mentioned about the dreaded tax return letters being sent out. If the HMRC work weekends, then their printers will be starting with those letters as today is the new tax year.

It seems that near the start of each new tax year, I bring out a new design for my website. This time however, I have not done that.… Click here to read more

Rose Themed Candle Plates – A Break from Fabric

Roses in purple and red, on a glass candle plate

We’ve now hit April and several special days have passed, but this year three of them happened at once. Mother’s Day, the day the clocks get put forward and my grandparent’s 57th wedding anniversary. This time of year also brings a couple of not so good moments. Royal Mail have put up their prices again and soon myself and all the other small business will be getting letters saying that tax returns are due again.… Click here to read more

Turning Fabric Squares into Patchwork

Green floral patchwork bag

I’m progressing with turning the fabric squares from the previous blog post into different patchwork items, although I haven’t gotten as far as I had hoped with them yet. The white and yellow squares have now been turned into coasters. The coasters are square, even though my photography skills, (or lack of), make them look quite wonky.

These were made by sewing 9 fabric squares together in a 3×3 pattern, then cutting this bigger square in quarters, to create the pattern for the top of the coaster.… Click here to read more

Stacks of Fabric Squares and Bold Colours in Glass Painting

Floral inspired red and purple candle holders

At the end of my previous blog post, I mentioned about some new equipment heading my way. It has now arrived and it has made cutting fabric so much quicker and easier. The equipment is a rotary cutter, a cutting board and a giant Shape Cut ruler, which has slits cut inside it to let you cut various widths of fabric.… Click here to read more