Crafting with Wool and Wax

A new soy wax candle creation and something new with wool.

This past couple of weeks has been busy. I’ve been making new soy candle designs and revamping old designs in time for my final event of the year.  There have also been orders for Christmas presents to make and a Secret Santa gift too. I can’t show any of the Christmas makes though, otherwise that would spoil the surprise if the receivers of the gifts see them. It always seems to get busier about this time of year, no matter how prepared you are for the Christmas rush.

What I can show you though is my biggest candle creation yet, 7.5cm wide and 21cm tall. It’s a very bold, multicoloured chunk candle, filled with all the colours of the rainbow, or of the seven chakras of the body.

Rainbow chakra chunk soy wax candle

While I was out on one of my supply shopping trips, I came across this.


I’ve wanted to make something that was softer than what I normally make, something that would make people want to touch and pick up at craft fairs. For a while I’ve had an idea of making wool wrapped candle holders. I love how the blue and green blend into the white wool, so when I saw this I decided to give it a go.

Wool wrapped blue and green candle holders

As you can see from the photo above, it seems fate has played against me. While I imagined the finished item to have colours spread all over the place, it turns out the green and blue sections of wool were just about the right distance apart for the two colours to stay on opposite sides of the candle holder. This turned out to be one strange coincidence.

Time to take a break from crafting to see what the bloggers of Handmade Monday, Inspire Me Monday and Inspire Me Friday are up to.

17 thoughts on “Crafting with Wool and Wax

  1. Very strange as I have been using what I think is exactly the same wool to knit some of my little Christmas trees ornaments. I will have to put a photo on. Your big candle is lovely.

  2. I love your tall candle, I’m wondering how long it would have taken me to notice that it’s the rainbow in there if you hadn’t said – the colour combination just looks so right because it comes from nature.

  3. I love the wool wrapped candle holders. The fact that the colours are on different sides is a bonus – depending on decor or mood you have two different ‘versions’. Like the big candle with all the colours.

  4. The wool wrapped candle holder looks amazing, and I love it when something turns out good but in an unexpected way – they look lovely like they are. I can see how surprising it would be though!!

  5. I love the new candle. I like how you’ve layered the colours. I think the wool wrapped holders are lovely. Before I read your view I had looked at the photos and thought ‘I like how the colours change’. I think when we create something ourselves we have a very definite idea of how it looks. Then we become too critical. I think their lovely. Have a creative week.
    Ali x

  6. oooh the wool wrapping looks amazing!! the effect makes me think of wisps of coloured smoke… beautiful

    your tall candle is a triumph! i love both the rainbow and chakra symbolism, i’m sure it will have a new home soon! x

  7. The giant candle is fab and would look great on a table with a holly covered base, with mini multi coloured baubles.

    Random wool is funny sometimes works as random other times as splodges of colour but the votives still look goood