It Started as a Camera Case

It was meant to hold my camera, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Firstly, thank you for all the comments and encouragement for last week’s blog post. This new craft is quite new to me so your comments are very much appreciated.

This week, between periods of paperwork, I’ve been experimenting more with my new sewing machine. After a bit of testing and trying, how to use the pattern cams is no longer a mystery. Turns out I was quite close to figuring it out early on, but then I went a different direction with my experimenting :-D

Sewing machine cams

My box of sewing machine pattern cams. There is another one sitting in the sewing machine.

Sewing machine pattern cams

Regular pattern cams.

Sewing machine embroidery cams

I think these are for embroidery stitching.

Now I can do all sorts of decorative stitching, once I’ve mastered regular stitching.

Decorative stitching

Some of the stitches made by the pattern cams.

I’ve also been going through a whole stash of fabric given to me by my grandmother. I can’t thank her enough for her help in my start in sewing. She has given so much help and advice as well as fabric. The fabrics have been getting matched up in sets of three, putting together colours and fabrics that seem to go well together, so that more coasters can be made.

Red fabrics

Red fabrics.

rd, blue and purple fabrics

Blue, purple and red fabrics.

Green fabrics

Green fabrics.

Blue fabrics

The big flower looks a lot more blue face to face.

Pink and salmon fabrics

These pink and salmon fabrics go well with this other fabric which has silver and bronze bits in it.

My digital camera normally lives in the box it came in to stop it getting damaged. For a bit of practice, I thought that I would try sewing together a case for it, using some dark blue and gold scrap fabric for the outside and a pale blue fabric for the lining. I thought that I had measured out enough fabric, yet I seemed to go on a hemming frenzy and hemmed the bits of fabric I cut out. Due to this, when it came to the finished product It was too small for my camera. It however is just the right size for my mobile.

Fabric holder

Turned out a bit smaller than expected.

This experience just shows that it’s a good idea to try out your ideas on scraps first before making the real thing :-)

Time to head over to Handmade Monday which is celebrating it’s 100th week! Hope there is plenty of cake :-)

15 thoughts on “It Started as a Camera Case

  1. It looks like you are coming on really well (grandmothers can be so useful, can’t they!?). I love the mobile phone cover – it’s brilliant how one thing can be transformed into something else. Happy experimenting!! :-)

  2. Love the phone case – You can now make a bigger case for your camera to match!!
    Enjoy your sewing education!!

  3. Ohhh I have had a similar experience this week with not starting with your final material! Well done for getting such a neat looking phone case :-) Simmi x

  4. you have been busy!! Looks like you have lots of lovely fabric to keep you going too :)

    your phone case is fab! I have had just the same problem with things ending up way smaller than anticipated so you are not alone x

  5. Wow you have lots of stitches to choose from. I often make things too small first time round so I tend to keep a note on the measurements I used, hopefully I get it right the second time :)
    It great to have lots of fabric to play around with.

    Jan x

  6. This looks pretty technical to me – I only have a basic sewing machine, so I’m really curious what yours can do. I like your case for phone which started as a camera case. I think, when I was making clothes I would have oposite problem – always make everything too big !

  7. Wow what wonderful things you”ll be able to do with your machine. It’s great to have lots of fabric to play around with. Can’t wait to see more of your creations.
    Ali x

  8. I remember one of my tutors telling me the most important thing to write up was why the final version of your design differed from the initial design – obviously this happens to all good designers!

  9. I am most impressed with all your sewing, you have been really busy, and what an amazing sewing machine! Happy 100th, Jo x