Stack of Coasters and Soy Candles in Glasses

Bit of two crafts this week – sewing and back to soy candle making.

Stack of 4 handmade yellow fabric coasters

After a few weeks of sewing I have managed to drift back to candle making. I’ve had these candle holders sitting around for a while but I had not done anything with them so it was now time to put them to good use. The glasses are quite decorative with the gold patterns going around them. You can see the soy wax chunks through some of the glasses but the red glass is a bit too dark to be able to see the pink chunks inside.

Handmade chunk soy candles in different coloured glasses

I’ve had a go at making a full set of fabric coasters. There were a couple of yellow fabrics that went really well together and their bright colours are just what’s needed after what seems like weeks of snow. I put a couple of pieces of quite thick fabric inside to give them some lift and to stop them feeling too thin. The extra pieces also act as good insulation if using these for hot cups of tea or coffee.

Set of 4 handmade coaster made from yellow fabric

Even during all this bad weather, a recent order for more candle making supplies arrived within a few days. The roads must be a lot better elsewhere in the country than they are here. With these new supplies, I now have 300 tealight cups to play with and to help test some new fragrances too. I’ll let you know how those worked out once the candles have been cured and lit.

10 thoughts on “Stack of Coasters and Soy Candles in Glasses

  1. The candles look lovely in the coloured glasses. Wonderful to see you’ve done more sewing. I think the coasters look really pretty, great spring colour.
    Ali x

  2. those coasters are so sunny and cheerful! Just the thing to brighten up the wintery weather :) your candle holders are so lovely and colourful too, i look forward to seeing what you create with your new supplies! x

  3. The coasters are lovely – a nice design and very cheerful material. I like the yellow and the green candle holders. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Yellow is a great colour – it cannot fail to cheer anyone up. These coasters will be a nice pop of colour wherever they are. I love the candles too – more lovely colour to brighten up these dark days.