A Week of Mishaps

A bit of an interesting week.

The last three of the soy candle scents I mentioned last week have been tested. The chocolate fudge and strudel & spice smelled nice but were not as strong as I had hoped for, so more testing will be required. The nag champa however had a wonderful strong scent. However, during the test burning, the nag champa candle changed from a tiny flame coming from the wick, to the whole top surface of the candle being on fire. Through all my different combinations of scents, colours and styles, this have never happened to me before.

After blowing out the candle and letting it cool, I noticed that the wax was now a dark greeny blue colour. Quite strange asĀ  no dye was added to the candle and the scent was colourless. To find the cause will require more experimentation.

Floral fabric coasters in shades of green, pink and brown

Front of the fabric coasters

This week I have been making some more coasters with fabrics in shades of green, brown and pink. During the sewing however, somehow I end up missing some edges of the fabric altogether, sometimes several times, meaning that I had a lot of unpicking to do. It just hasn’t been my week for sewing. Eventually I managed to get a set of fours coasters made. The fronts are made from two different floral fabrics. The back is a plain blue fabric with some decorative stitching on it in a contrasting red thread.

Blue backing with contrasting red decorative stitching

Blue fabric for the back with contrasting stitching.

Hope your week has been better readers.

9 thoughts on “A Week of Mishaps

  1. It’s so annoying when that happens when you are sewing, and it never happens once does it? Do you have a stitch ripper? Makes getting stitches out much easier. I particularly like the back of the coasters, so pretty, the contrasting thread really stands out and looks very effective.

  2. The nag champa candle sounds interesting – interested to know about the colour change. Coasters are lovely and I do like the style – very frustrating about the stitching though. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Ohhh I can sympathise with the sewing problems – I have gone through a couple of seam rippers in my time :-) Interesting to hear about the candle… would love to know what caused it when you do some more testing! Have a good week, Simmi x

  4. Gosh, how interesting, the coasters look great, I like the detail that goes into the back as well. Jo x

  5. I am really sorry to hear about your frustrating week. On the bright side I think that weeks like this help us to appreciate those weeks when things go well so much more. I wonder why the candle caught fire? Hope you work that one out soon as I am intrigued. Keeping my fingers crossed that things go better this week :)

  6. Sorry to hear about the sewing trials but the results are definitely worth the perseverance. They are lovely. Interesting and a little scary stuff with the candle though. Sounds like you need to be a bit of a chemist to make scented candles. I’d never thought of that before.

    Hope you have a much better week :)