Candles and Cookies

A mixture of creations this week.

Since the last post, there’s been another batch of new test candles made with the same scents as last time. I’ve dyed each of them a different colour this time so it’s easier to tell them apart. Good news is that none burst into flames, so the fire brigade can relax a bit. Bad news is these didn’t give a strong scent when lit, although they smell great when just standing on their own, so I’m heading in the right direction.

6 colourful tealights

6 colourful tealights.

As well as the candles, I have been making quite a lot of cookies. Unfortunately they are not the edible kind. If they were, they would probably not last long enough to be photographed :-D

A selection of fabric handmade fortune cookies

A selection of fabric handmade fortune cookies.

These are fabric fortune cookies made from layers of fabric and felt, sewn together with thread that contrasted with the colour of the felt. All that’s needed to finish these off is a bit of ribbon to thread through each one, to make it into a little hanging ornament. As they are at the moment, I think they look a bit like pasta shapes or ravioli.

During a recent night out, I was in a bar when I noticed something unusual hanging over the table. Photos were taken in low light on my phone so apologies for the quality.

Hat lampshade

A black hat made into a lampshade.

It was a hat that’s been turned into a lampshade. Why mention this in a crafting post?

Handmade wool hat

Label says Wool 100% Hand Made.

It’s because it was a handmade hat! Quite a surprise to me. Sometimes handmade turns up in the most unexpected of places. Hope everyone has a good week.

16 thoughts on “Candles and Cookies

  1. I love the pastel colours of your tea lights – perfect for spring :)

    Those fabric fortune cookies are such a cute idea, i think they’d make fantastic Christmas decorations! :)

  2. Shame about the candles not giving off a strong enough aroma when lit as they look rather pretty. What a quirky lamp shade and with the label still inside :)

  3. The candles are lovely colours. Glad to hear you’ve not had any more going up in flames. I think the fabric fortune cookies are wonderful. Very unusual. I wondered if you could get ribbon with sayings on that could stick out of an edge. Have a great week.
    Ali x

    • I imagine there would be ribbon like that somewhere out there. I was thinking of leaving them empty so that people can give them as gifts with their own message inside if they wanted.

  4. Just to reassure you – I knew that they were fortune cookies although I too have never seen any fabric ones before. Your candles look lovely, my favourite would be the green. Glad the fire risk has been reduced. hope you have a good week :)

  5. Wow – love the handmade hat lampshade! Those tea lights look so colourful – I wonder why more people don’t sell mixed packs of coloured tea lights? They look great like that rather than having all one colour together! Glad you’ve not caused any more fires ;-) Simmi x

  6. Oh I love the hat lampshade, what a fantastic idea!
    The fortune cookies also look great and I like the idea of leaving them empty so that individual messages can be put inside. Your sewing looks very neat too, I am very impressed.