Soy Candle Scent Testing

Soy candle tealight testing.

This week has been a week of setting up, testing and just started projects, so I don’t have a huge amount to show you. The tealights I mentioned last week have been cured and are now ready for testing. I had bought six new fragrances to try out: baby powder, coconut, sunwashed linen, chocolate fudge, strudel & spice and nag champa. This is a bit of a departure from my previous use of only essential oils. So far I’ve tested the first three on the list and I have just lit the chocolate fudge. Fingers crossed I don’t get any chocolate cravings from it :-)

Soy wax tealight candles

Ready for testing. Shame different scents cannot be seen in a photo.

From the fragrance oils themselves, the baby powder, coconut and sunwashed linen all smelled quite subtle. I tried burning the baby powder one first. It does smell just like its namesake. I left the room for a bit, (a good idea to do this when burning candles, as the nose becomes used to the candle’s scent). When I came back, the room was filled with a big, string scent, something I did not expect from such a delicately scented fragrance oil.

The coconut was a bit of a disappointment after the baby powder test. Its scent was a lot more subtle than the fruity, tropical scent I was hoping for. After leaving and returning to the room, it also didn’t give that big wow factor that I got from baby powder. The sunwashed linen was stronger than the coconut but not as strong as the baby powder. The scent was like fresh laundry. The name is a bot confusing when you think about it. How can you wash linen in the sun? Wouldn’t it just burn or does linen have a special sun proof property that I don’t know about?

Time to spend another quiet evening reading the blogs of Handmade Monday. Hope everyone has a good week.

13 thoughts on “Soy Candle Scent Testing

  1. Those scents sound right up my street.
    Maybe ‘sunwashed linen’ is trying to evoke the idea of the smell of washing that has been hung out on a sunny day to dry? It is an odd name though!

  2. I love the sound of the baby powder scent. If only we could smell them via the web. Have a great week.
    Ali x

  3. Ohhh all three of those scents sound delish! Shame the coconut isn’t stronger, but it’s such a yummy smell I bet it will be a big seller! Have a great week, Simmi x

  4. The scents you have tested so far sound as if they would be really popular. The last 2 on your list are a bit more unusual (esp. the last one – I have no idea what that smells like.) Can’t wait to see how you describe them. :)

  5. Lovely ‘sounding’ scents, bet the baby powder one is gorgeous. Well done on your Wendy give-away wins. Hope you have a good week.

  6. I like the idea of the baby scent and coconut candles. So soothing. How would you describe nag-champa, we always keep it in the house in joss stick form. I love the aroma, sort of an exotic spicy scent.

  7. Nag champa is my favourite incence so I would really love a candle with that fragrance. I like soy candles too as they are longer lasting and cleaner than parafin. Great combination!

  8. As you say, it’s a shame we cannot smell them through the photograph! Baby powder sounds like a winner – lots of nostalgia in that scent!

  9. I love the fresh linen scent of some drawer fresheners I have and I also have Nag Champa in jos stick form, it’s a popular fragrance.
    The chocolate fudge sounds unusual but I’d bet it would be popular.

    Jan x