Brown Easter Bunny and More Candle Testing

Should be thinking about Spring crafting but it’s more like Winter outside.

Hope everyone is staying warm in yet another period of snowfall. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that those people in cut off areas or where there is no power are OK.

Last week’s Easter bunny has now met up with his cousin who helps him out when it’s busy.

Handmade brown felt Easter bunny decoration, sewn by hand

I’ve also sorted out my bobbin case so now most of my threads are wound and ready to use. I ran out of empty bobbins when I took the photo, so there are one or two shades of thread that are waiting to be wound. Since then I’ve bought some new ones as well as a couple of shades of purple thread.

Many different colours of thread

For quite a while, I’ve had this bunch of scented candles waiting to be tested, taunting me because they have to rest for about a week too allow the scent to fully bind with the soy wax. This is even though they smell so lovely from the day they were made, before they even get lit.

Soy candles - scented testing

They are not safe any more and several have given up their lives for the good of soy candle enthusiasts everywhere. I’ve now got the nag champa, baby powder and strudel scents smelling great when lit, so next week I can make the proper versions of those.

I’ve also made a votive candle with the strudel scent, which needs a couple more days before it can be lit. Rather than scenting the entire candle, I’m trying an experiment where the coloured chunks are unscented and the remainder of the candle has twice the scent as normal. In theory this means the scented and unscented wax should mix when melted, balancing out the amount of scent between them. If all goes well, this should happen. If things don’t go well, the heavily scented wax sections could prove to be too flammable and I end up with a little bonfire inside my candle holder.

I’ll let you know how this test goes in next week’s blog post :-)

12 thoughts on “Brown Easter Bunny and More Candle Testing

  1. ooo hoping you don’t end up with a bonfire – it sounds far to dramatic. I shall be keeping my fingers crossed. Loving the organisation – makes me want to get my machine out again. Hope you have a good week.

  2. What a great way of storing bobbins. I really do need one as mine tend to get all tangled up.

    Good luck with the experiments. The strudel scent smells delicious….

  3. Your bobbins have really impressed me. I only have about three, and waste huge amounts of time winding thread off, so I have one free. Note to self – try and get organised.

  4. Awwww love the Brown Bunny with his eggs sewn on the front, so cute! I can almost smell those gorgeous candles from here! Look forward to hearing how the votive test goes :-) Simmi x

  5. The nag champa candles must smell so heavenly. The bobbin case looks very organised. Mine are all in a sewing box drawer, but the threads tend to get mixed up.
    Wendy x