Creating with Jars, Tins and Rhinestones

Making new soy candles and decorating candle holders this week.

Welcome to this weeks Handmade Monday blog post. Sorry if I didn’t get around to commenting on all your blogs last week. I had a bit of a tummy bug at the start of last week so I spent a few days getting over that. The rest of the week was spent making more items for my box at Rosewill Cottage and for a craft fair the Saturday just gone, which didn’t leave me with much time for commenting.

The fabric cookies from last week now have thin ribbon threaded through them so they can be hung up as ornaments. My photos of those did not turn out that well so I’ll leave the image of those up to your imagination. The new designs that have been made this week have been some candles filled with multicoloured soy wax chunks, made inside jars and tins. I’ve also painted some new designs onto some tealight candle holders. These ones have a diamond design and have rhinestones incorporated into the designs.

Multicoloured chunk soy candles in glass jars

Multicoloured chunk soy candles in glass jars. The centre jar is larger than the two side jars.

Chunk soy candles in metal tins

Chunk soy candles in metal tins. There are layers of different colour chunks going down each candle.

Hand painted glass tealight candle holders with rhinestones.

Two pairs of hand painted tealight candle holders with a diamond design and rhinestones.

I’ve got a few ideas of what new things I want to create this week, however I feel I’ll have to spend a lot of time working out new postage prices, since I just found out on Friday that Royal Mail are changing their prices again. Signed For delivery is going up by 15p to £1.10, (which had already gone up from 77p almost a year ago), there will be no more standard parcel service and they are introducing a more expensive medium parcel service for parcels over 2kg or which are over a certain size.

Since my crafts tend to be heavy and bulky, especially since glass needs quite a bit of padding for protection, I’m dreading finding out what changes I’ll have to make. If you are interesting in looking at the price changes for yourself, you can find the price list here. At least we can look forward to the start of spring.

6 thoughts on “Creating with Jars, Tins and Rhinestones

  1. I really like the rhinestones you have added to your tea light holders. They add a change of dimension and stand out really well. The postal changes are a bit harsh and have been introduced by stealth. Hope it doesn’t affect you too badly.

  2. The rhinestone tea light holders look lovely – very smart. The postal charges are crazy – so little consideration given to small organisations that use the post frequently for their business. Hope you have a good week.

  3. I love the rhinestones on the tea light holders.I can imagine I’d be stroking them for a while before using them because I love the texture.

  4. I love the pastel colours of your new chunky candles, they’re so perfect for spring time :) The diamond design on your t light holders is so effective, i can see them being very popular!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now x

  5. The tealight candle holders look great.

    I’m being a bit of an ostrich with my head in the sand about the new postage charges coming in – no doubt that will cost me to start with but I just don’t seem to have the time to concentrate on what it all means.

  6. The tea light holders you have made are so effective. They remind me of stained glass, and I imagine with a flickering candle flame the colours will glow!
    Glad you are feeling better. There seem to be so many bugs and colds at the moment. Thanks for the new about the postal charges (groan)!
    Wendy x