Easter Felt Decorations – Bunny and Eggs

Doesn’t seem like a week since I wrote my previous blog post.

We are back around to Sunday already. This week has gone by exceptionally fast for me. I can only come up with two reasons. A – I’ve been working with mainly one craft medium all week. B – I’ve been much more focused this week due to my new crafting companion – classical music.

Normally I listen to all sorts of different music when I creating but this week my radio had tuned itself, (as in radio got retuned when it was knocked over), to a classical music station. When listening to that I found myself a lot more focused on my work and I was more relaxed too.

What do you listen to when you work or craft?

The product of all that extra focus has been various Easter themed decorations, made from the felt shown in last week’s blog post.

Handmade and handsewn felt Easter egg decorations

Handsewn felt Easter egg decorations, stuffed with wadding. £7.50 each from my store.

Handmade Easter Bunny decoration stitched by hand from orange felt

A handsewn orange Easter Bunny, made from felt and soft wadding. It has brought along some small Easter eggs and has a felt bunny tail on the back. £12.50 from my store.

I’m hoping to make a cousin for the Easter Bunny next week with brown felt. These decorations are all now in my new fabric and felt section on my website. I’ve also increased the size of the photos on the website to make the handmade items in them seem clearer.

I’m also trying out new lighting styles for my photography so that I won’t need to cut out the background of what I’m taking a photo of, then putting in a new background digitally. This method makes the photo seem brighter and helps the item stand out more, but it gives a slight “fake” feel to the item for lack of a better word.

Hope everyone has a good week, even with this snow sweeping across the country. Time for another visit to this week’s Handmade Monday.

13 thoughts on “Easter Felt Decorations – Bunny and Eggs

  1. awww your Eater bunny is so cute! I love the little extra eggs he has with him :) Your egg decorations are really pretty too – a great way to use all that lovely felt! :)

  2. I listen to either Jazz fm or 6 music, both help me to zone out which is the bit I love so much about crafting – lost in my own little world! Great to see your makes this week, much different to your usual! :-)

  3. I love the felty makes especially the bunnny. Can’t wait to see his friend.
    I’m a Radio 2 girl, or the iPod on shuffle, or I watch random things on the iPlayer!!

  4. Love the easter eggs! I hope you’ve enjoyed having a change of focus this week. I’m a Radio 2 fan mainly (though the background noise to most of my life is some sort of x–box game!) but during the evenings I always have something on the go in front of the telly.

  5. What a lovely rabbit! You seem to be really getting into the sewing! I’m useless at finding radio stations (and forget how to change channels even though I have a digital radio!) but I prefer something with a lot of chatting to stop me feeling like I’m working alone!

  6. I often forget to put any music on when crafting- just jump straight in. Or I’ll listen to the same CD on repeat, as I get so engrossed that I forget to get up and change it!

  7. Ohhh Stephen, lovely felty goodies :-) Sure they won’t be in your shop for long! Have a great week, Simmi x PS. I listen to Absolute Radio 90s – it’s total nostalia overload and I love singing along loud, but sometimes I do forget to do any work cause I’m too busy singing and playing air guitar!!

  8. I quite often have complete silence when I’m working but if I do fancy a bit of background noise I listen to radio 2, planet rock or radio Suffolk depending on my mood.
    Great Easter makes, I love hanging decorations on my twiggy tree, it makes the room festive.

    Jan x