Making Placemats, Coloured Tealights and Getting New Supplies

Been a busy week of trying new things and getting new materials.

Welcome everyone. A word of warning to those with slow Internet speeds. This blog post has a lot of images so it may load slow.

After the comments received a few weeks ago about the coloured scented candles I was testing and a idea from Simmi of Grace’s Favours, I set out to make some packs of tealight candles with different colours in each pack. I was aiming for subtle, pastel shades but I think I added a bit more dye than I intended.

Coloured tealight soy candles

Brown, green, purple, red, blue and undyed soy wax tealights.

As well as my experiments creating coasters, I have wanted to make sets of fabric placemats to match with the coasters too. Here is my first attempt at making one.

Patchwork fabric placemat

Tried to keep this square but the dralon I used inside this kept sliding as I tried to pin it.

Back of fabric placemat

Used the back of the placemat to play with some decorative stitching.

I took this opportunity to try out my new twin needle.

Twin needle zig zag stitch

Zig zag twin needle stitching.

For some reason, some stitches got skipped with one side of the needle only.

Skipped stitches

The left of the twin needle sometimes skipped some stitches, but the right never did. No idea why.

This was also my first attempt at making and attaching binding.

Front view of placemat with binding

Made the binding from one complete strip of fabric but the fabric width was just a tiny bit too short to go all the way around. Trying to keep the binding even all the way around is quite tough.

Back view of placemat with binding

The back view of the placemat with the binding attached.

Another reason for making this was because a while ago, Wendy of Handmade Harbour had a week of giveaways. One of the giveaways was for a Abakhan gift voucher which I won. To enter, I had to say what I would use the voucher for and I said I would use it to buy fabric to make some placemats. After viewing their website, as usual I ended up spending quite a bit more than I expected. There was just so many things I liked. This week my order arrived.

Green fabric

Some green fabrics. The paler dots in all of these fabrics is just the dots underneath showing through the upper layers of fabric.

Blue and red fabric

Blue dots and red stripes.

Orange fabric

Sunny orange fabrics.

British fabric

A British flag fabric and some plain calico.

Floral fabric

Some pretty floral fabrics.

Bits and pieces

A bag of ribbons, a cone adapter for my large thread cones and a handy box to keep my bobbins organised.

For some reason I only received one cone adapter when I had ordered two. Also with my order I received an extra piece of fabric that I had not ordered.

Blue extra fabric

The extra fabric that turned up in my order.

I have also been out buying supplies in town this week, where I bought some wadding and many sheets of coloured felt.

11 sheets of coloured felt

I think this was only about half of the colour range that the store was selling.

As for what this felt will be turned into, all will be revealed in the near future. :-)

12 thoughts on “Making Placemats, Coloured Tealights and Getting New Supplies

  1. That looks quite a shopping spree!

    I have one of those bobbin boxes and it’s one of the best things – great to be able to see what you have and stop all the threads unwinding as they do if you just stick them in a drawer!!

  2. Wow – what a lot of lovely new supplies! The material you used for the place-mat does look a bit slippery but you have still done a great job. I am really enjoying seeing your projects and experiments as you practice your skills. The candles look fine – pastels don’t suit everyone. The pack of 8 is a great idea.

  3. Oooh i like the idea of a mixed colour t light pack and the shades you’ve chosen work together really well, nice and rustic :)

    Well done on trying so many new techniques with your placemat, it looks like you have been quite bitten by the sewing bug judging by all that lovely new fabric!

  4. Yes, it loaded slow for me – my broadband is on a go-slow this evening. How lovely to have the new supplies. The skipped stitches might be due to the needle being slightly blunt, as it’s only happening on one side.

    There are different ways to apply binding – did you open it out first? Otherwise, if you want to sew it all in one go, iron it in half lengthways first, but make on side very slightly wider than the other. The widest bit then goes underneath so it will be sewn down as you sew the top down. Ironing it makes it easier to get the fold in the right place. It’s all a learning process but you are getting there!

  5. I don’t actually bind my quilts with bias binding. I sometimes use bias cut strips (unfolded) and then machine stitch the binding to the quilt, right sides together with quilt top uppermost. Then I fold over and hand stitch all around the binding edge on the underside, folding it over as I go. I usually cut 1.5″ binding strips to give a neat, tight fold over. Love the coloured candles – I prefer strong colours to the usual pastel shades.

  6. What a lovely selection of fabrics! Your placemat looks wonderful. I think I might invest in a bobbin case – mine rattle around in a little tin that I had in my textiles classes at school so they often get in a tangle.

  7. A great selection of materials, especially the Union Jack one. Well done with the placement – looks very good. Hope you have a good week.

  8. Ohhh I love the tea lights and funny to see your own name appear when you’re not expecting it!! Wow – I can completely understand how easy it is to go totally OTT with Abakhan – they have so many lovely things! I adore the spotty & stripey materials – can’t wait to see what you make with them! Well done on the placemat too – I hate, hate, hate trying to line up seams and you’ve done a great job! Simmi x

  9. I like the spots and stripes fabric colours from Abakhan. It’s very hard not to walk away without a few extra things whenever I go there! I use bias binding for bunting, but tend to turn fabric over on the quilts I make. Well done on the placemat too.

  10. I really like the tealights. Am amazed at the progress with the sewing machine – I treat mine like a scary beastie though! I love the fabrics you’ve chosen and look forward to seeing the finished placemats :-)