Brightly Coloured Supplies Means Brightly Coloured Crafting

New supplies have arrived for bag making and have been put into use.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a crafting blog post. There was no post last week as most of the week was made up of running errands, restocking my handmade item shelf at a local bead shop and spending a long weekend at Scarborough. While it was fun, it was a lot colder and cloudier than it was back home. As usual with me, photographs never occurred to me until I was on my way back home.

One the morning of my departure day, I received two parcels through the post.

Coloured webbing

The first one contained different colours of webbing. These are going to be used as bag handles. The brownish coloured webbing on the left is actually purple. The rainbow coloured webbing was bought to go with the contents of the second parcel.

Fabric dyeing equipment for tie-dyeing

Not a lot of equipment it seems, but when you combine it with cotton fabric, some elastic bands and a washing up bowl, you have all you need to do some tie-dyeing!

Applying dye during tie-dyeing

This is how it looked after the dye has been applied. I made sure to put plenty of cling film down to stop dye from getting all over the place.

Finished tie-dyed fabric

This is how it looked once the fabric had been left for twenty four hours then washed. I knew that the final colour would be lighter than how it appeared when the dye was first applied but I didn’t expect the change to be this much. I’m not sure if the rainbow coloured webbing will go well with these shades of colour. There’s still plenty more fabric and dye left so there will be plenty more opportunities to experiment.

I’ve eventually cracked open the fabric paints that will be used to create designs on some other fabrics. I’ve given them a try on some spare scrap pieces of canvas and cotton fabrics.

Fabric paint testing

The navy blue paint was tested with a round sponge. The purple paint was tested using a brush. The black fabric paint came as what looks like a marker pen.

Hard to believe we are almost half way through the year. Hope everyone has a good week.

17 thoughts on “Brightly Coloured Supplies Means Brightly Coloured Crafting

  1. The tie-dye looks gorgeous – especially the purpley one. look forward to seeing more of your tie-dye creations. I like the look of the navy blue/sponge one – very different from the usual patterns. hope you have a good week.

  2. I love the colours when the fabric has been left and can’t wait to see the bags when they are finished. The purple webbing will look great with them!

  3. The colours you’ve chosen for the tie dying are great! I haven’t tie dyed since I was in the brownies so this post has made me want to have another go. x

  4. Love the tie dye. Very 1960s.

    I did a project at school a few weeks ago, where the children had to make flags using fabric paints. We found the best way was to use foam to print with, and to get the paint on the foam we used small make-up sponges.

  5. Gorgeous tie-dye! I may have to try some of that this summer (it has been over 30 years since I last did any!!)… Stopping by from Inspire me Monday.
    Rhonda #146

  6. I have never done tie dying but every time I see it I want to have a go! I have no doubt that I would get in a right mess!

  7. WOW! That tie-dye looks amazing when wet, but definitely not the same rainbow colours when dry – I’ve never tried, but am surprised there’s such a difference in colour (but more experienced tie-dyers are probably more in the know!!) Love the fabric paints – can’t wait to see how the non-test pieces go :-) Simmi x

  8. interesting experiments with fabrics and dyes – the colours are fab and the final effect looks great! love this rainbow bursting with colours.

  9. Wow!!! The fabric is stunning. I love the mixture of colours. I can’t wait to see what you make with it xx