Hand Painted Spotty Tote Bag with Lining and a New Blog Look

Turning the painted fabric into a tote bag and making a new look for the blog.

The painted canvas fabric I showed you from last week’s post has now been made into a tote bag. The side hems have been stitched twice for extra strength. The top hem has been stitched with a light blue thread. The handles are made from blue webbing.

Spotty handmade tote bag

As you can see above, I’ve come up with a different way to take photos of my bags. All it takes is a white sheet hanging over a door and a screwdriver jammed between the door and the door frame.

The tote bag has been lined with a spotty light blue fabric and has a small pocket sewn inside to hold small items like keys, so no more need to search through the entire bag.

Spotty fabric lining

Spotty fabric pocket

As you can see, the blog has also been given a bit of a makeover, to be a bit more similar to my website’s new look. This new version of the blog has less of the fancy sliders and things that the previous version has, so the blog is now loading about twice as fast, unless I get carried away and do a photo heavy blog post.

Time to head over to Handmade Monday and Inspire Me Monday to see what’s going on there this week.

9 thoughts on “Hand Painted Spotty Tote Bag with Lining and a New Blog Look

  1. I love the blog makeover. Very chic.

    Your bag is gorgeous. The little spots really do stand out and the blue wadding handles complements it beautifully xx

  2. A very stylish tote bag, and a stylish new look for your blog too. Really love the pale blue lining, and a small pocket for keys etc. is a fabulous idea.