Carol Displays and Christmas Fairs

I’m now back to blogging. There’s been a few bugs going around and I seemed to be hit with several of them at once a while ago. It’s been the most ill I’ve been in quite a few years. It all managed to past just before this weekend so now I can get back to focusing on blogging and Christmas presents. Apologies to those bloggers who I normally read and comment upon. Feeling yuck did put a damper on things.

Orders have still been getting sent out while I was under the weather. I tried to make them look like Christmas gifts for the holidays.

Wrapped Christmas orders

A couple of years ago I blogged about my local church having a display of scenes of the nativity that members of the congregation had made. This year they decided to create new displays and open the church to the public for a couple of days to show them. This time though, the scenes were based on Christmas carols instead.

Here is a small selection of those displays. You can click on the photos to zoom in if the photos here are too small for you.




First Noel



Little Donkey

Bethlehem scene


This weekend also saw me attend my final fair for the year. This one was at a new venue for me – the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle. The weather was a bit better than forecast which helped the crowds to come out and I caught up with some stall holders there who I’ve met before but had not seen in a while.

Star and Shadow stall

I brought my own folding table which meant having a smaller display space than at other fairs I go to, so I just put out a few things and switched items during the day to keep the stall looking different.

There was a bit of a surprise about half way through the day. Someone came in covered in bells and wearing a santa hat and started singing Christmas songs for all of us.

I hope all of your Christmas preparations are going ok. I’m getting ready for a change of pace. The deadline for ordering gifts from my website is Monday night, after which I can then focus on making Christmas gifts for my family. It will be good to finally have them all done and wrapped.

5 thoughts on “Carol Displays and Christmas Fairs

  1. I like the Church Displays, a bit different than just having the Nativity.
    I love the way you have wrapped your parcels, I always make mine look more Christmassy at this time of year.

    I glad you are feeling a lot better, make sure to take extra care, you certainly don’t want to be laid up over the festivities.

    Jan x

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. It’s horrible being ill but it’s so much worse this time of year as it really drains you….

    Your local church displays are so sweet. Glad to hear the fair went well, and from my neck of the woods too xx

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